Blondie’s foot torture after shopping
Blondie’s feet are so stinky for being in her stocking and high heels all day, walking around the city to buy clothes and shoes with your money… She needs a slave to rub her sweaty feet on his face, ordering him to smell, kiss and lick her hot soles and toes. Blondie humiliates her slave telling him how pathetic he is, she’s the mistress, he’s just a foot slave. At the end she leaves the room ordering him to stay their, with her smelly stocking on his nose.

After a long night me and my girlfriend want to have some fun by humiliating my slave a little bit. So we take him into her car and I get on the backseat with him while she’s filming us from the front. I’m binding his hands with a rope before I put my sneakers on his face and force him to kiss and lick them. He also smells my socks and kisses my feet while we’re just laughing about this pathetic bitch.